SSM sponsors Red Nose Day in Finland!

On 27.10.16 SSM joined Red Nose Day to raise money for humanitarian causes and even received the visit of the Red Nose Day-monster at their offices!  Here is the video for you!

The annual Red Nose Day campaign aims to raise funds to help children in developing countries. It is organised by Yle’s Goodness Foundation, which works alongside nine humanitarian organisations. By working together, we can help children across the globe to have access to basic food, education and health needs and ultimately a better life.

SSM team is involved in Red Nose Day through all distributor offices! We want to communicate this important issue through joy to all families, dealers, suppliers and customers. It would be great, if we could somehow manage to set an example and inspire others to participate in a good will assistance to the victims. Even a small amount can help.

Please join us in helping the children of the world! For more information on Red Nose Day donations visit nenäpäivä.fi. Everyone can choose to participate and support Red Nose Day for the most vulnerable children through the purchase of a red nose. All proceeds will contribute towards our team efforts: nenäpäivä.fi/ssm-tiimi

SSM sends you Red Nose kind of autumn greetings,

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